Best gift ideas for kids- 5 ultimate toys gift for 1 year old kids

1. Fisher-Price Amazing Animals Press and Go Crocodile – The reason for your child’s delight

Kids love to play with toys. Also, it is one of the best ways to keep them busy and happy. Fisher-Price is one brand which has been offering a range of attractive and fun toys for children across different age groups. Fisher-Price Amazing Animals Press and Go Crocodile are one of the most popular toys. It features a crocodile which can roll around. As crocodile rolls along, your baby crawls behind it too. It is easy to get started with it. All you need to do is just press the birdie friends on the crocodile and it is all set to roll. As the crocodile moves, its mouth will close and open. Hear Without any doubt the assortment of two animals would be the reason for your child’s happiness as he or she plays. Some of the key features of this amazing toy are listed below.

fisher crocodile

  • Age – 6 months to 3 years
  • Stimulates senses of baby
  • Product dimensions – 6X3X4.5 inches
  • Encourages curiosity of kids
  • Helps in the development of motor skills

If you are looking forward to buy Fisher-Price Amazing Animals Press and Go Crocodile for your little one, then just browse through the virtual world of the internet. Shopping online allows you to compare prices and make the best decision. Also, you will get discounts and offers. It is easy, quick and hassle-free to shop for products online. a few clicks is all it will take to place an order for this amazing toy.

2. Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Corn Popper Push Toy – The perfect toy for little babies

Little ones love to play with toys. It is apparent for them to see colorful toys and be happy. Parents want to buy every possible toy for their baby. However, when you are looking for toys for babies, then you should also pay attention to factors which will help them learn and understand things which will further help in their development. One such toy is Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Corn Popper Push Toy. It is designed keeping in mind the needs of infants. Your child remains occupied while playing with this toy.

Corn popper push toy

As your little bundle of joy rolls this amazing toy – Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Corn Popper Push Toy, balls of different colors pop around inside this wonderful toy, encouraging your baby to walk. Exciting and thrilling pop-up sounds bring smiles of your baby’s face. It is the sturdy design of this toy which keeps new walkers steady. The movement sounds and colors encourage balance as well as muscle strength, problem solving skills and sensory development of children. It is just the best choice if your children between twelve and thirty six months old.

Main features

  • Playing with this toy, your child will learn several movement and thinking skills
  • Balls pop-up around the home as your baby pushes the toy
  • It is a classic toy featuring exciting popping sounds
  • Designed for children who are starting to learn to walk
  • Apt for children between 12 and 36 months

You can now buy Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Corn Popper Push Toy online without having to leave the comfort of your home.

3. Little Tikes 2-in-1 Push and Play Turtle – Learning walking becomes easy

When you think of buying toys for your kid then there are so many things that strike your mind. There are several toys available, from which you can pick the best for your baby. Little Tikes is one of the renowned brands manufacturing a range of toys for kids. You can choose the toy as per your kid’s age group and celebrate his or her childhood by seeing him enjoy the most. The brand believes in manufacturing parent-trusted and time-tested toys. One such toy is Little Tikes 2-in-1 Push and Play Turtle. It is made using high quality material which is durable and can be used for long time.  Toddlers love to play with this amazing toy.


This toy is the right choice for you if your baby is above nine months. It is one of its kind of toys which allow your baby to learn walking. A baby walker featuring a wide base as well as easy to grip handles that help in keeping children stable. It is safe to be used by little ones. It has strong handles which support the steps of your baby. You can now introduce to your baby different colors and shapes with this wonderful walker. It has locking mechanism which prevents the walker from running fast when in walker mode. It can help your child learn about different shapes and colors.

Little Tikes 2-in-1 Push and Play Turtle can be purchased online. The entire process of online shopping is quick and hassle-free.  You can get started right away and bring home this amazing walker for your kid.

4. Fisher-Price Pop and Push Elephant – Stimulates development of baby’s senses

Now that you have a little bundle of joy at home, you might be all excited to buy him or her new toys. Fisher-Price Pop and Push Elephant is an enticing ball popping fun toy for your baby. Not only does pop and push elephant keeps your baby entertained at the time of walking but also baby enjoys playing with it. As the baby pushes toy, balls of different colors pop from the trunk of an elephant.

Pop and push elephent

Your baby gets encouraged to walk

Fisher-Price Pop and Push Elephant is one of the most sought-after toys as it also encourages your little one to walk. As your baby pushes cute face of elephant, balls of different colors starts popping from its trunk. It is easy for your little one to push this toy. It is this activity which helps your baby learns coordination and balance. Plus, your baby learns how to walk while enjoying colorful boys and music.


Without any doubt, this toy from Fisher-Price is one of the most wonderful products. It is not only a toy with which your baby loves to play, but it further helps in the development of baby’s senses. The popping sound of balls along with colorful balls stimulates the developing senses of sound as well as sight in your child.

Placing an order for this fun toy is easy as well as fast. All you need to do just browses through the online shops and place an order for it at discounted rates. You will get the toy delivered at your home.

5. Fisher Price Space Saver Mower, Multi Color – When mowing the lawn becomes fun

Now that if you have babies at home who loves playing around a garden area, then you might be looking for toys which he or she can make the most of. Toddlers just add fun to the lives of family members. It is apparent for you to buy them some of the best available tours. Fisher Price Space Saver Mower, Multi Color is just the right option for your little one. Your little angel can now mow the lawn, making use of a fun push toy which also inspires early role play. Pushing the mower along to hear phrases and songs which introduce opposites, numbers, actions and more brings along smile on the face of your baby.


Main features of this amazing toy;

  • No fussy plus and cords, thus no hassle at all
  • Baby can easily slide the switch, turn the gas cap and pull the lever to listen to more phrases and songs. Face of mower lights up while dancing along to the tunes of music.
  • There are several songs chosen appropriately for toddlers. There are sounds, songs and phrases within three different levels of play.
  • The mower is design with smart stages technology which is just a great way to change the learning content as your baby grows.
  • Development of every baby is different. Smart stages technology in this toy lets you choose the stage which is best for your toddler.

You can now place an order for Fisher Price Space Saver Mower, Multi Color online and soon get it delivered at your home.


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